Brighton Trip

Keep calm… because it won’t be just about school! *-*

There are only two days left before going to Brighton and I’m sure they will pass really fast!

My two-weeks trip will be basically a language trip where I’ll haveto speak english all day (except when my mom will call me) and where I’ll get the possibility to learn it in school 5 days a week for 4 or 6 lessons per day! I chose the International Course so my class will consist in a group (I don’t know how many people will be there) of all international students and an only-speaking-english teacher! I hope it won’t be really difficult.


But that’s not all, I mean we’re still in vacation and we need some fun! We’ll spend the mornings in school, but we’ll get to have some free time in the afternoon, to go shopping or some guided tours:

– One day in London visiting the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westmister Abbey, etc.

– an half-day visit to Newhaven

– Sports: beachvolley and soccer

– Events: Loony Lympics and EF Town Quiz (Don’t ask, I don’t even know what this will be about)

– Disco EF 4 night a week

– Brighton Beach, The Lanes, palace Pier where will have some free time to hang out with our friends!

Besides all these activities there are some extra option tours! I chose the EF Fun Pack which will consist in:

– Sealife Centre

– Brighton Guided tour by bus

– Royal Pavillion

– Bowling and EF T-shirt

But there are some other activities which I’ll have to pay for but I really wish a I could do the visit to Oxford, the EF Mega party, the Cinema and the Mini golf (Playing minigolf is my biggest dream, seriously!) and there are the Orb 360 and the Jump Zone which are supposed to be super duper fun and exciting! and the Thorpe Park!



14 thoughts on “Keep calm… because it won’t be just about school! *-*

  1. Ei divertiti però non fare troppi danni xD…. ricordati di portarmi qualche souvenir. Cincciak ricordati poi di tornare 😉 a si, studia ma non troppo ❤

  2. “Develop a british accent” you must do this! That’s so cool 🙂
    If you come back to Italy with a british accent, I will marry you immediately.
    I wish you had fun, but I wish you missed me, too! DO NO HARM!

    Good luck, baby! 🙂

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