Olympic Games 2012 ♥

So, I’ve just finished watching the opening for the Olympics 2012 in London! And I have to say that it was breathtaking! I love the parade of all the countries, it’s my favorite part of all the Olympics! It is like if for some hours the world stops with every war and they are all focusing on doing one good thing!

I’m so sad that I won’t have the possibility to watch every single competition! But I hope there, in Brighton, will let us watch some sports in tv! I wish I could see some athletics sports; canoe; Cycling; artistin and rythmyc gimnastic; synchronized swimming; swimming; tennis; Ping-pong; diving! Oh that’s a lot! But these are my favorite disciplines at the Olympic Games ♥


The positive (or negative?) thing is that I’ll be in London in that period! It is going to be so crowded 😦


17 thoughts on “Olympic Games 2012 ♥

  1. Giu questa foto è fantastica, deve essere stato bellissimo ed emozionante stare li nel periodo dei giochi olimpici … 😀

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