Brighton, here I come*-*

Sooo! This morning at 11.45 I have the Flight for London Heathrow and I arrive at 13.30 there (: I don’t know how much it will take to Brighton, anuways!
Last night I had a birtday party by the pool, it was awsome! I had so much fun and I didn’t have any occasion to stress myself for the trip, but I kept on saying to everyone “Hey, you know!? Tomorrow I’m going to Brighton!” ^_^

Here are some pictures I took yesterday when I did the suitacase!

Well I had some problems with it since I had to fill it with warm and heavy clothes ):


But fortunatly I managed to find some place for my friend Gloria ♥♥♥♥

we had some problems with her as well…

but in the end she managed to find her place ^_^

now the only thing I’m worried about is the weight of the luggage ): (Love you so much, babe ♥ ^_^ )


So, right now my trip starts! Thank you so much to my parents and to EF ♥



10 thoughts on “Brighton, here I come*-*

  1. Heyheyhey! Ma quella sono io! Oh, che bellezza! La valigia era fin troppo leggera, mia cara ^^ Ti mancherò mia cara, lo so. ♥

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