Brighton Trip

Brighton day 1*-*

So, on July the 30th started my adventure in Brighton!
Who has got 2 paws and is very very excited and happy? THIS GIIIRL *-* well I got up really early In order to get to the airport in time, I arrived an hour before the meeting time, but fortunatly I wasn’t the only one! When I arrived I met my leader Rita, and some people who were going to Brighton as well! I met Giorgia and Giulia who seemed really nice since the very begging! We met another girl, Carlotta, who is going to Brighton for the second time, and she was really nice because she answered all our questions! While I was qeueing for the check-in we met some other people, Sabrina, the brothers Valerio and Tommy, who are so funny, and the coolest thing is that we got on very well immediatly! Our flight was an hour late, but I had so much fun on the plane with all of them! I’m really happy, because I thought I was going to Brighton with 4 or 5 more people, but we are actually a group of more than 30 people! I’m sure I’ll get to know everyone (: we took a coach from Heatrow, and after 1.30 hour, we arrived in Brighton! Everything is so different here, I really like England! When we arrived at The University we got our key room! Turned out that there are only single rooms, in little appartments, we Have our own bathroom and our own closet! It’s pretty cool! We had dinner, no comment! We all know what it’s said about British meals! After dinner we went to disco, and I had so much fun! I danced a lot and I got to meet Alexander and Esteban, two boys I’ve talked to for a while on the internet! They seemed so nice and kind ^^ I meet some french guys as well, they are from Nice (: I really like how my trip started, and I’m sure it’s going to get better and better!






20 thoughts on “Brighton day 1*-*

  1. Il buongiorno si vede dal mattino! sono contentissima che la vacanza studio è iniziata bene e ha proseguito anche meglio ❀ ❀

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