Brighton Trip

Brighton day 2 :)

My allarm rang at 7.25 a.m and at 8.00 a.m. we had to be at the cantine for breakfast! After that we tool the train for Brighton since the campus is just a bit distant from the city centre. I immediatly fell in love with this city, it isn’t very big, I think, but we just took a fast tour around the center! It is so quiet and calm, except for when we were there, we immediatly let people know Italians were hitting Brighton’s streets πŸ˜› I’ll tell you more about Brighton in other posts! But I must tell you about Pundland, where you can find everithing at 0.99 punds, how amazing is that?!
Then we got back to the campus (Falmer) and we had lunch before doing the placement test to figure out which level is everyone! Then we had dinner (I ate only the desert)! After dinner we got back at the Brighton Pier and we spent an hour there having a good time at the fun fair! When I got back to the campus I had to pack all my things in the suitcase because I had to change the flat, it was so annoying but my mum would be so proud of me ^^ The girls in the new flat are more outgoing, there are Lucrezia, Eleonora and Barbara, and Miriam, who everybody calls MARIAM! And we spent some time together in the flat kitchen before going to bed (:











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