Brighton Trip

Brighton, day 3: we haven’t decided.

Today was the funniest day so long! I woke up at 7.15 because I had to take a shower, I had to be cute and nice smelly ^^ (bella e profumata) for my first day of school! Turned out I wasn’t going to have school in the morning but in the afternoon because there are a lot of people and they had to make two groups! So we spend the morning in Brighton doing shopping! When we arrived there we did some games to get to know each other better and then we went to Churchill Square shopping centre! I went to Primark! That shop is soooooooo awsome! I bought a new pair of shoes and a shirt for friday pool party, The Splash Party! Then we got back to campus for lunch and class at 2 p.m.! I was so nervous because I didn’t know which level I was going to be in; level 5, the highest šŸ˜€ I’m in the same class as Tommaso, plus other two italian girls, Sara and Francesca, and a lot of German and Austrian people! I think we are 16 in total! We met our first teacher, Big Mike! He is the best and the funniest! I like him, and I understand what he says besides his British accent (: we were divided into 3 groups for the EF Project! We have to make a video of our experience with pictures and videos! The winning team gets an Ipad each component of the team! Our team name is “we haven’t decided!” and that’s my fault because I said that to Mike when he asked us The name of our team! We did some games, and our team won every game (alla faccia tua Tommy)! I had to guess a sentence written on the blackboard, and my team mates had to make me understand by describing it! It was really hard but in The end I managed to understand the sentence “don’t eat UFO burgers during swimming class” (?)! Then we had our lesson with Ashley and we had to make a project about a new attraction in London, and our “The Boat” won, again! It was so hot after school that I couldn’t stand my shirt anymore! Then we had dinner, finally pizza! Not as good as Italian one, but still batter than the burrito from lunch! At night we went to the disco, I couldn’t wait (: when we got there there were some people doing some hairstyles with feathers and I got this awsome braid! At 10 p.m. the disco closes, but unfortunatly it was raining so bad and we had only one unbrella for 5 people: me, Carlotta, Sabrina, Giulia, Giorgia and Andrea, a guy who is in our Italian group! But after 5 metres me and Giulia and Giorgia decided to start running to the campus! When I got in the apartment some French guys came to our kitchen and we spent some time together before going to bed šŸ™‚ PS: I love the english accent spoken by French People, they are so adorable!









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