Brighton Trip

Day 4: it becomes International *-*

Okay, every day is better than the previous one! On tuesday I woke up thinking that I wanted to meet at least 3 or 4 new international people every day! I had classes in the morning with Big Mike, I really like that teacher! We learnt about small talks, which are the conversations you have with strangers at the bus stop, for example! That lesson was really important for my goal of meeting new people! We had 1 h 20′ of lesson and after that we had 20 minutes of break! Then we had lesson with Ashley, she is one of the coolest person I know! We were divided into 2 groups and we had to make a project about Tyrany and Anarchy! Our group won! But in the meantime I got to know Florian, who is obsessed with fishes, and by obsessed I mean he’s really really into fishes; Julian and Jonas, I think they all are Austrian or German, I don’t know and I’m so sorry! Tourned out that Austrians hate being confused with German people, and trust me, I know it 😦 we did another small project about The perfect country! Our “Skyerland” won! It is a country that has a part in the sky, on clouds, and a part under water! I finished school at 12 p.m. and before going to lunch I met Toby, a German guy!
I had Chicken Curry for lunch, it was my first time ever and it was okay! In the afternoon we went to the Brighton Lounge where we could play volleyball and football, or we could just relax on couches surfing the net, or we could play Mario Kart and Just Dance 3 at Kinnect! I had so much fun! And I got to know some russian girls! I was so tired before dinner that I decided to spend some time alone at school talking with some friends in Italy on the internet since it’s the only zone there is wi-fi! We had dinner (fries and burger) and then Jenny (our activity leader, who is so nice and full if energies! I like her so much as well!) told me we were going to do a quest, and that we had to take pictures of some things on a list! But we got in this huge open space! We were divided into two groups, again and we did some speed dates! It was soo fun and excited! I got to know at least 15 people, even if I don’t remember all of their names :/ we had to ask random questions and at every person I was like “hei! I’m Giulia, I’m from Italy and right now I’m freezing!”.
It started to rain so Jenny told us we could go to our appartments and spend some time there with our new friends! I didn’t want to stay with Italian people so I went with some Austrian girls, Lena and Sara, who is so sweet, in their apparment! In 10 minutes a group of 20 german speaking people arrived and me and a girl from Slovacchia were the only ones who couldn’t undertand a word! In the end only 6 of us stayed there: Domenica, the girl from Slovacchia; Oliver, Sara, Sofia, Dana and Rebecca! At the end of the day I think I got to know so many people, I loved this day! I hope every day will be awsome now since I know a lot of people (:
Activities schedule!

This is our school! Isn’t so cool


Our Skyerland project!

Relaxing at The Lounge



Me and Michela

Flo, Mike and Toby! German speaking boys are the coolest!

Me and Rebekha! <;;;;;;3

Sara and Lena <;;;;;3

Me, Dana, Oliver, Rebecca, Sofia, Domenica and Sara!



11 thoughts on “Day 4: it becomes International *-*

  1. La regola che ti sei data di conoscere almeno 3 o 4 persone nuove al giorno Γ¨ grandiosa πŸ˜€ La userΓ² anche io se mai andassi in vacanza studio!

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