Falmer’s Campus ; University of Brighton :)

When you go to book the language travel you can choose between living in Host Family and Residance! I didn’t even have to think about it, I chose the Residance for sure! I thought that in Campus you have more opportunities to speak English with other people from different countries. Last night for example I asked some German and Austrian people to come to my kitchen and they were like 10 or more probably! They spoke some German as well but when they realized I couldn’t understand a word they started to speak English! It’s a good opportunity to learn even different languages! Then some other Italian and Spanish people come and it was so awsome! By the way!
Campus is better than Host Family because you Have your own room and bathroom, but you can See your friends all The time, except after 11 p.m. ( but we always break that rule)! 🙂
At The Splash party I had so much fun even if I didn’t feel very well and I got The chance to meet my dear friend Alicia, Who lives in Host Family and she told me that it is horrible! She had to change it because The previous Family was so dirty! Now she lives in ah house with one single mother, 2 kids and 3 other girls who study at EF, and they only Have one bathroom! It’s right that Host Family is cheaper, but I think it’s not worth it when you can’t enjoy your trip! My room *-*



The kitchen where we meet at night!



The campus with The school and the Cafeteria!







The stadium of Brighton where yesterday played Brighton and Albion vs Chelsea!




19 thoughts on “Falmer’s Campus ; University of Brighton :)

  1. Did you share your school with Alicia? Or each of you went to your own school? Did people from resinde and host family meet? 🙂

  2. Hi I love your blog, I really do! But is it that terrible to live two weeks in a host family? I hope not, because I’m going to do that… Haha. And can’t you see the other people then? Never? HELP, you kinda scared me hahaha. What should I do? And one more question haha, how much mony did you spent these days? Love you blog!

  3. che bel campus, non mi dispiacerebbe viverci! Puoi darmi altre informazioni come la distanza dalla scuola e dal centro?

    1. Allora il problema a Brighton è che ci sono due campus se decidi di stare in residenza! Il primo è questo qui Falmer’s campus, il migliore! Hai la camera singola, il bagno, etc.. in più la scuola e la mensa si trovano nella stessa struttura! quindi io ogni mattina 1 minuto a piedi ed arrivavo! Dal centro sono un 25 minuti di autobus, il 25 Universities *-* L’altro campus è più complicato, non ci sono stata personalmente ma mi hanno spiegato che bisognava condividere il bagno con altre 6 o 7 persone, che era distante dalla scuola e bisognava prendere l’autobus! Però non si può scegliere in quale andare!

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