Night at the Cinema!

Last night I went to the Cinema in Brighton to see this awesome movie! It’s called Ted and it is about this Teddy bear who can speak and act like a human beeing! He goes to work and drives his keeper to work; he fucks even if it dosen’t have a penis; he smokes weed! It dosen’t matter how cool you think you are, it’ll always be cooler because it is a Teddy Bear! You guys have to see this movie! I haven’t laughed so hard at a movie for ages! Anyway, it was really cool to go to the Cinema here, because there weren’t any subtitles and I really had to focus on the language! Fortunately it was American English, so I managed to understand everything except a few words I’ve never heard! While I couldn’t understand almost nothing from the commercials in British English! 😦 I’m really happy I had the chance to do this experience! I was the only girl with 8 German speaking guys, I hate them because they were speaking only german to make me angry ><





I went there with some other German speaking boys! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Night at the Cinema!

  1. lol I loved that movie so much! at the end when he talks about the fat kid and says that he lost some pounds and then he became Taylor Lautner hahahahahahahah I laughed so bad!

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