Brighton: day 10

On our 10th day here, the 8th of august, we had class in the morning, which is never a good thing because I am so tired during the morning! It was our last lesson and it was so sad 😦 we had so fewer lessons but I wish we had more since Ashley and Mike are two of the best teachers I’ve ever had! We played some games and quiz during both classes!
We spent the afternoon at New heaven visiting the Fort, but I wasn’t feeling so good and I would prefer staying in campus sleeping! Every time we go visiting something new the leaders give us some quizzes and I always do them with Tommy! We were supposed to visit the Fort and all the rooms and find out the answers to the questions! But we wet to the bar inside the fort and asked some people who work there for the answers! We won*-* hahahah we are the best in these things! We also had some free time there and we took some pictures with the breathtaking view! At night there was the Toga Party!












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