Brighton Trip

11th Day in Brighton! *-*

We spent the morning of our 9th day in Brighton between beach, sporting center and shopping! It was really relaxing, because in the afternoon we did our final exam the EFCELT which wasn’t really that easy and it was good to just chill out before such an hard exam! The weather was so nice and cool! There was no cloud in the sky, when suddenly, the shitty weather came out and in 3 minutes you couldn’t see anything because of the fog! Such a bad weather! I was going to spend all day at the beach but then I decided to go with Tommy at the basketball court and then shopping!
We got back to campus and after lunch we went to our classroom ready, or not… For the final exam! We always have 4 hours of 40 minutes each and we did the exam in the last two hours! Do you want to know what we did in the first two hours?! I’ll tell you what we did in the first two hours with the teacher Mike: we spoke every language but English! We weren’t aloud to speak English or we would have to dance some stupid dance! It was fun, though! Speaking in Italian and no one to understand except for Italians!
The exam was of 40 minutes! Stangely  it is just one test for all the students, it doesn’t matter which level you were in. We had to do 20 minutes of listening, which was very very easy! and then we had 20 minutes for the last part which was 2 exercises of use of English and 2 of reading! I heard from everyone who had already done this test that they had too little time and that the reading part was too difficult! As usual Tommy and I cooperate! 😀 The level I got out is B2, which is the First! 😀 I’m really happy for this result!










And then the fog came…








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