Brighton Trip

Last Night in Brighton :(

Our activity leaders, Sandy and Jenny, thought that it would have been nice to stay all together the last night in Brighton so team William and team Kate had a picnic on the beach! I thought I would have been so sad, but I tried to make the best out of the last night and I had so much fun! First we went to the supermarket to buy some things to eat on the beach, Tommy and I bought some cereals (for him and Valerio) and a package of donuts (they were delicious *-*) I miss donuts so bad 😥 then we went to the beach near the Pier! It was so cold and I don’t know I had the brilliant idea to wear shorts and a shirt! We eat some food and after we took some pictures I told everyone to dance a bit to warm up of course we played “Nothing really matters” and we danced the EF dance! Then we danced the famous “Ho perso una pecorella” but almost nobody knew how to dance it so we were only Tommy, Valerio, Vittorio and I! It was so fun! Since It was really cold me and Rebeka and Miška decided to go to the Pier! We took some pictures there and after a walk we got back to the beach! I stole Rebeka’s camera and I started to take pictures of everyone (Now Rebeka will remember everyone *-*)
Then we got back at the campus and We spent the craziest night/morning ever! There were so many leaders around the campus to make us stay in our flats! But it was the last night at the campus we had to make it memorable! At some point Italian guys came out of the flats, Tommy dressed as a penguin, and started to run around the campus making noise! When Lauren, the responsible, arrived almost everyone from our group who was leaving the next day were out running around the campus! We got to stay up late and do whatever we want, and stay in each other kitchens as long as we got inside the buildings! Me and Johanna went to the roof of the school and spent there some time together! She’s so lovely, I already miss her so much! <;;3 then I spent all the time in the italian’s kitchen and I helped Tommy with the suitcase! I was so tired but I didn’t want to go to bed! The Sweets Slovakians an I spent some time in my room but then they went to pack their suitcase and I went to bed!
















22 thoughts on “Last Night in Brighton :(

  1. I’m impressed, I must say. Really seldom do I run into a site that’s both educative and exciting, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is splendid. I am very happy that I came across this.

  2. Un pic nic sulla spiaggia di sera non è una cosa che tutti possono fare e in tutte le località, Brighton sembra proprio un’ottima scelta come meta per una vacanza studio! 🙂

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