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Help me! Help me! I’m not good at goodbyes :(

I wish that Sunday 12th of August never came! I wasn’t prepared! No one would ever be prepared to say goodbye to friends with who had spent two weeks together! It was so hard to hug everyone for the last time and so painfull! Where were we… Oh yes! On the 12th August, our departure day, I went to bed at 5.30 a.m. I wish I never did it; it was a big mistake, because when the alarm rang at 7.30 a.m. I was feeling so sick and bad! I woke up because I wanted to go to breakfast and spent the last hours with my friends, but I was really sick and I got to bed again! At 9 a.m. Most of my German and Austrian friends came at my flat and I started to cry so hard! It was really difficult to say goodbye to all of them! I made so many friends there and having all of them out of my flat, caring about me, it was just amazing! I didn’t know some of them were leaving in an hour and so and I was so sad And angry because I didn’t go to breakfast. I went where the bus was waiting for them and there were some other people I hadn’t say goodbye to yet! And more tears to come! The most painfull moment was seeing the bus leaving with almost all my friends on it and I couldn’t do anything about it! I’m not good at goodbyes and honestly I don’t want to be good at it. Goodbyes should never exist. I always say that I shouldn’t have made so many friends, but I don’t regret anything! I met so amazing people and I’m going to remember about them for a long time! Thank you everyone for making this experience the best of my life, it wouldn’t have been the same without you. I love you all and I miss you so bad! Attention the pictures that are about to come have an ugly girl on them after she cried a lot, sorry for that!









12 thoughts on “Help me! Help me! I’m not good at goodbyes :(

  1. E’ da poco che segue questo blog, ma devo dire che rileggere ogni singolo post sulla tua esperienza è stato magnifico! Hai fatto un gran lavoro e un grande sforzo! 🙂

  2. hardest goodbye!! i miss you my lovely italian girl soo much ❤ we had the time of our lives 🙂 seeee you soon!!! *-*

  3. Perché piangi se tanto le rivedrai le persone che più ti interessano? XD sono cattiva.. Ma solo per nascondere che avrei pianto pure io :’) bel post!

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