Brighton Trip

Epic Moments ❤

The most wonderful thing about this trip is that I was surrounded by amazing people doing stupid things all the time!

The first Epic Moment I won’t forget is the first day we arrived, we were given our rooms and we were told the time for meals, I went at some friends appartment and there were a lot of people there when suddenly Tommy arrives screaming : ” HO CAGATOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” (I pooped.) and there were some leaders as well and Laura, one of the Responsibles asked “What did he say?” we laughed so hard! Hahahahahahahah the thing is that Tommy had to poop since we got on the plane, poor him! 😀

Second Epic Moment was during dinner one day! The Italian group was sitting all together near the entrance for the cafeteria, we couldn’t see each other during the day because of all the different activities, so dinner and other meals was the only time we could stay together and… do stupid things! So basically we started to clap and cheer everyone who entered the cafeteria! You should have seen their faces! hahahahahahaha It was so fun, and after a few times everyone from the cafeteria figured out what we were doing and started to do it as well, even Big Mike was supporting hahahahahaha :DD

Third Epic Moment happened during last night! a week before, when some of the people were leaving Brighton some French guys decided to run in underwear around the campus (this isn’t the epic moment!) and so the leaders for our last night were all around the campus in order to avoid that things such that would happen again! But it was our last night and we could not just do anything special… or stupid! Some guys from our Italian group decided to wear some hoodies so they wouldn’t be recognizable, but of course Tommy, in order to be different, wore a PENGUIN COSTUME!



And the Epic Moments couldn’t stop just because we were all back to our houses….



All the crazy shit I did tonight, those will be the best memories


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