Brighton Trip

Friends ♥ You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go!

Everything ended two weeks ago, but I  prefer to think that everything started one month ago, and the only thing I can say that this was an incredible and memorable experience. Thank you everyone for making it the best experience of my life, from the people I met there to the EF Staff, our activity leader Jenny. If I could I would go back immediately, everything was worth it!

Let me start that in the last two weeks I’ve been torn between happiness and sadness! Sadness because everything ended and I really wish I could stay a week more in Brighton with everyone; happiness because I realized that the friendships I made in Brighton could actually last! I’ve been making programs for next summer with the wonderful Johanna from Germany; the Slovakians Miska and Rebeka will come visit me and the same for Dominica who’s coming with her family in October! I’m going to see a lot of people and this makes me just happy! *-*

When everything ends you’re sure that the memories you made will last forever; I’ll always remember all the crazy shit we did in Brighton and at the campus for two weeks. The best part of the trip were the people I met and how closer I get with someone.  Plus there are no word to explain the satisfaction after a English lesson where I could understand everything and I learnt a lot of new expressions. Now I can say I speak English pretty good and after two weeks spent with a lot of German people I can count potatoes in German, those are satisfactions!! 😀

I’ve been home for two weeks and I’ve taken back my routine, but the truth is that I really miss the routine from Brighton: wake up at 7.15; take a fast shower; got to the cafeteria at 8 am for breakfast with a bowl of Frosties with no milk and coffee; then going back to classes at 9 a.m. or go the meeting point for the activities of the morning; have lunch at 12.30 and then at 2 p.m go to classes or activities; go to dinner at 5.30; and then get ready for the night. And I can’t even think about coming back to school, everything will be so different starting from the teachers and the classmates 😦

Here are some of the amazing people I met during my trip ♥

Tommy ♥ who stayed next to me all the time ♥

Valerio ♥ who maked me laugh all the time ♥

Terranova Brothers ♥ I couldn’t ask for better company ♥

Miska and Rebeka ♥ who I love helping with their problems and with italian language ♥

 Johanna ♥ who I’m so sorry I didn’t spend much time in Brighton but I hope we could spend together a lot of time next summer ♥

Sara and Domenica ♥ who are so sweet and polite ♥

Sara ♥

William and Vittorio ♥ che rimanevano stupiti ogni volta che parlavo inglese ♥

Sabrina ♥ La Belieber più scassaminchia- fanatica di facebook che c’è ♥

Carlotta and Sabrina ♥ Grazie Charlie per tutte le foto ♥

Kristina ♥ who I look forward to seeing in Rome ♥

Sara and Francesca ♥ Francesca Duuuuuca and Sara Cionniiiiiiiiiii ♥

Merten ♥ Hi Merten ♥

Yannick and Young Tom ♥

Tobi Bear ♥ Cioppi Cioppi ♥

Sabrina ♥ Carlotta ♥ Giulia e Giorgia ♥ L’inizio del viaggio!

Dominic ♥

Elena ♥

Alessandro, Camilla, Roberta, Elena, Federica, Ludovica, Vittorio ♥

Robin ♥


16 thoughts on “Friends ♥ You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go!

  1. You are so cool! I do not believe I’ve truly read anything like that before. So good to discover another person with some genuine thoughts on this subject matter. Really.. many thanks for starting this up. 🙂

  2. Sei così carina in queste foto con tutti i tuoi amici! Senza dubbio un’ottima esperienza per fare nuove amicizie da tutto il mondo! Mi stai convincendo sempre di più ^^

    1. Le amicizie sono la parte più bella; il venire a contatto con un’altra cultura o il miglioramento dell’inglese sono solo un bonus! Non avrei mai pensato che potevano nascere amicizie così belle e che durano tutt’ora, e spero dureranno ancora! Te ne renderai conto quando poi dovrai prenotare i biglietti per andare a trovarli nei loro paesi oppure a fare piani per quando loro verranno a trovarti a casa tua (:

  3. While i was reading this i started cry ! Because of all theese amazing memories of course 🙂 I cant wait to see you again !! ❤

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