Giulia Goes For Gold! *-*

Giulia from Italy won over the jury with her fun, honest and insightful descriptions of student life at the EF school in Brighton. We hope that Giulia will continue blogging on her 1st prize – a MacBook Air laptop!

I was hanging out with a friend from Brighton, Kristina, around Rome when I read it! I start laughing and smiling and hugging random people! I am really the happiest person on Earth right now, not just for the amazing prize (Thank you EF for giving such amazing prizes), but because I put so much effort in this blog and I honestly have never thought I would made it! Because there was another blog I think it’s really original http://www.stewygoestoefmiami.com/ and plus last year winner partecipate and he basically did almost the same things on the blog, so I thought he was going to win again!

Congratulations to the two runners-up to the Summer 2012 EF Blogger competition Cierra and Denise!
Here are their blogs; Cierra at EFParis : http://cierrastef.wordpress.com/ and Denise at EF Los Angeles and currently at EF Santa Barbara http://www.nissygoescalifornia.blogspot.it/

So a big thank you goes to EF-Education First for its amazing job, I’m really looking forward to next summer*-*
Another tahnk you goes to the amazing Staff at EF Brighton and at the office here in Rome, Italy 🙂
And another big thank you goes to you, tiny tiny little wornderful person,  because you spend some time of your day reading this blog and leaving a lovely comment ♥
When I created this blog I was hoping of course I could win, but I never thought that I would have had visitors from so many countries*-* And you can’t even imagine how you made my day when at night I saw the statistics and there were visitors from different countries ♥

I would never thought that so many countries would turn orange on this map, thank you to every single visitor from every single Country ♥

and here are all the countries with visitors till now 😀

Thank you again ♥♥


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