Summer 2013 :)

Hello people! How are you? How was your summer and your holidays?

I finished school on the 31st of May and since then I’m on holiday 🙂 I worked in a Sporting Center with kids for whole June and July and the first half of August, so I don’t have interesting stories to tell!

Last year I was to Brighton for 2 week where I met amazing people, I’ve been talking with few of them, but only with one person I’ve established an amazing friendship: sweet Johanna.


We’ve been talking for a whole year, and exaclty one year after we said goodbye in Brighton we saw each other in my city, Rome 🙂 She came  here on the 13th August with her boyfriend, Max! We’ve spent one amazing week here between the beach and sightseeing and going out! She was very welcomed in my house and it was lovely to have both of them here!





And then on the 20th I’ve left for Germany with her! She lives in the south of Germany in a little village called Radolfzell near the most beautiful Lake Constance! Everything was so different from Italy, I loved it! I love Germany, I’m probably going to start to learn German and I’m going to move there! I loved my green view from my room at her house; I loved the little breads we always ate for breakfast; I loved the red roofs of the houses and the peaceful atmosphere! She told me we wouldn’t have much to do because it’s really small but I said that it was fine because I only needed to relax!

But we couldn’t stay all days at home doing nothing so one day we went to Affenberg (Monkey Mountain) where you could feed monkeys with pop corn and see them going from one tree to another! I loved that place. One day we went to Konstanz and I fell in love with that town! It is so different from Rome, I really think I need to change air and leave Rome for a very long long time and that’s probably what I’m going to do after this last year of school! On Friday we went to Switzerland and I was so exited about it, I don’t really know why. well I planned to see one country and I was going to see another one! We went to the beautiful Rheinfalls! It was wonderful because that was the first time I saw falls and those were spectacular.

I take the opportunity to thank Johanna and her parents for letting  me stay in their home and for taking care of me! German people are so kind and friendly, unfortunately I couldn’t speak any german except for numbers so I couldn’t speak with them much and that made me feel uncomfortable 😦 I promise next year I’ll speak more german and it’ll be different!

That’s it! After these 5 days in Germany I’m ready to start the last year of school (kind of..)

Schermata 2013-08-26 alle 20.31.14


Schermata 2013-08-26 alle 20.33.12 Schermata 2013-08-26 alle 20.32.37

Schermata 2013-08-26 alle 20.32.22


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