Beach in December!


I love Winter just because there’s Christmas. (and you can ask for hot chocolate at cafes and not being judged)

My favorite season is summer! I love the beach and I love spending my days there! When I started this year of high school I was told that the only way I could get near a beach was through a postcard. ARE YOU INSANE? 

Today was a perfect winter day and I loved every moment of it. I honestly feel blessed to have moments like the ones I had today. I was coming home from school (2 hours early) and I was in the car with two friends when suddenly a crazy idea goes through my mind “We should take away from McDonald’s and then go to the beach!” 
Today it was a super sunny day and the temperature was high so it was perfect! 
When we arrived the beach was deserted. I can’t even explain the peaceful sensations I got from that sight. 
Everything stopped. I felt free! I was there with 2 friends I’ve known for 12 years, they know how crazy I am and I’m not ashamed in front of them. All of a sudden I started dancing and jumping. 

I was like a little kid that has never seen the beach before; and that’s actually how I felt, I’ve never seen the beach that way. 










One thought on “Beach in December!

  1. Come to Australia! It’s basically summer all year around in Brisbane, we are in the middle of winter and tonight’s the coldest it has been all winter! Top of 19 and low of 5 degrees brrrrr!

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