Germany, oh I love!


I’ve been in Germany since last Friday and I’m so happy and sad that in only 2 days I’ll have to leave *sigh*

I love being here, everyone is so kind to me.

On Saturday we woke up really early, took the train and after 3 hours we arrived in Karlsruhe where we shop all day long: THERE WERE SALES, I was in Heaven: Primark, H&M, Starbucks (Yep, I even did some shopping at Starbucks). It was raining and it was cold and WE HAD to stop at Starbucks for a hot beverage (except for Johanna who took a mango smoothie which was really really cold), I took a Gingerbread latte and I was in love, it was like a hug from the inside. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S. 

We had lunch at Vapiano, an italian restaurant with a very particular way of serving the clients; I’m not going to explain it but if you ever travel to a city make sure there is Vapiano restaurant and go and have lunch or dinner there, you won’t regret it although you might have to wait bait. I took Linguine with funghi and it was delicious, but a bit too spicy, but that was my fault since I told the cook to put pepper. 

I just love this country and this little place, who all say it’s so boring, but I don’t think so. I’ve been relaxing and this is good since a hell of a year is going to expect me when I’ll get back to Italy. 

I like Johanna’s friends so much, I’ve met them 3 times since I came here and just love the fact that they try to speak English to not make me feel an outsider, as I said, everyone is so kind to me here, i could decide to move here definitely (Is that okay Johanna?). And I really love my sweet biatch. I love staing up till midnight and talk with her or watch movies or even just lay in bed without doing nothing,  I could spend all my days here like this as long as I’m with her or her friends or her sweet dog Kira. 

I’ll make a post about our silly photoshoots; I’m a model, biatches. 




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