Malibu Moments. ❥

9 days in Germany; it has nothing to do with Malibu, and we couldn’t make a serious picture… It has a lot to say about us!

I’m going to hug my sweet biatch again in 103 days and I couldn’t be happier. She’s 965 Km distant but she can be so close to me sometimes. I’m the kind of person who prefers not to talk to her friends everyday, but I just can’t help sending her stupid picture (and that’s kind of talking). Thank you for everything you’ve done for me during these 9 days (and since we’ve been friends), and it was so much, I just hope I can do the same for you when you’ll come here. ❥

Anyways yeah… How’s that even possible that we couldn’t take a serious picture in 9 days?





She’s such a blondie ❥ and I got too much swag. 









3 thoughts on “Malibu Moments. ❥

  1. Hi Giulia, mi chiamo Ariane (I’m learning italian in school), I really like your blog and learning about all your adventures! I also went to Brighton with EF for 2 weeks last summer and your blog really helped me to see how it really was there before my trip. But when I went we had really good weather and it was always sunny (no rain!), so I was really lucky! I always like to read your blog, so I wanted to say that! Have a nice day, ciao! 🙂

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