I’m gonna run USA



Hey peeps, how are you?

I know I haven’t been writing nothing here, but it’s because I haven’t travelled to much; and I decided to make this my traveling blog, where I can post memories and suggest places 🙂

I’ve wanted to say this for a long time but I’ve never got the time because I was busy studying for my graduation exams.. but not’s the time…

ON THE 28TH OF JULY I’LL GO FOR A YEAR IN THE USA. I’m not sure if you can feel how excited I am.


Anyways, I’l fly to New York where I’ll spend 4 days and then I’ll go to my final destination: Fairfax Station, VA 30 minutes away from Washington DC. I’m going to work as an au pair for a host family so I’ll work.. therefore I’ll earn money.. therefore I’ll try and visit as many cities as I can. I already made my bucket list:
– New York

– Washington DC, I need to know the place I’ll spend one year

– a two-weeks long holiday on the West Coast

– Chicago

– New Orleans

– Philadelphia

– Niagara Falls + Toronto/ Montreal


Yes, that’s it for now 😀 So basically I hope I’ll write about this places during next year.


Hugs, Giulia 


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