Hey there 🙂

It’s been almost two months since I came to the US and I’ve had such a great time till now. I love America, I love its people and its burgers; I love its lattes (definitely not its coffee) and I love the new me.  Well.. I kind of hate the fact that I can’t go to any party or any club because I’m not 21 years-old (What the heck?!)
By now I met only amazing American people, each one of the people I got to talk to was fun, outgoing and friendly. I have not met one single person that wasn’t kind or respectful. I’m open minded to everything and everyone, I started this adventure on the plane watching “Yes Man” and that’s the philosophy I’m going to use during my year: I’LL SAY YES TO EVERY OPPORTUNITY AND EXPERIENCE, I won’t let my fear of being judged get over me.
The US for me basically means a fresh new start; I’ll change my lifestyle and I’ll try to improve my personality; I’ll surround myself with nice and positive people.  I’m a white page, and as a symbol of that I started writing a scrapbook of my year, kind of a journal, but more chaotic and heavy.
Hugs- Giulia xx
Schermata 2014-09-26 alle 18.16.11

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