Why Seattle it has been a great time, short but great.

I was very excited about this weekend, firstly because I was going to see an old friend and secondly because sometimes I feel like I need to escape sunny Santa Barbara to keep on with my current life.  It also helped me understand that I don’t know how to do cold weather anymore. Give me sun and 90 degrees all year long, please!

Seattle is a small city, grey most of the times but with lots of personality and character, given in my opinion by the rain. I could never live there, I need sun and warm weather, rain makes me depressed and sad; but it’s perfect for a long weekend.  I focused more on spending time with my friend rather than exploring the city, but of course I got to enjoy the craziness and madness of the Public Market; the spectacular view from the Skydeck Observatory at the Columbia Tower; the holiday atmosphere downtown and the Space Needle. As a coffee addict I can’t say I visited a city if I have not went to at least two coffee shops and most of the times that’s the first place I look in a city. I guess some people collect postcards and fridge magnets, or take a specific picture in front of a highlight of the city.. me? I collect Instagram pictures of coffee 🙂 My favorite one in Seattle was Elm Coffee Roasters, between Main St and 2 Avenue. Perfect for briefly escaping the rain.

What I wish I had the time to do was to explore a little bit of the gorgeous and ever green Washington State, but I will be back.

Here are some pictures of my weekend in Seattle.


at my wrist is the Gold Pearl watch from MVMT Watches.


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