December sun, friends and laughters.

It’s December 27, Christmas is over, the lights are still on, the Christmas trees are still up and plans for New Years’ Eve are still not made.

What’s better to escape some of this festive atmosphere than spending the morning at the beach? At this time of year there are two kind of people going to the beach: the ones who bundle up, and the ones who go in their birthday suit, just like me. Laughs, pictures, long walks and some more laughs. Oh gosh. Has anyone ever thought of the power of laughter? Those 3,5,10,60 seconds of laughter can make you forget about everything, can make your life years longer and can make you hang in there just a little longer. God bless friends, God bless laughters and God bless America.

Oh and planning a vacation. Anyone who loves that? Looking for hotels, sights, restaurants? Nothing better. I do like a spontaneous weekend trip but it doesn’t compare to planning a whole week months in advance. Hawaii I am coming!! Any tips on Maui and Oahu?

Oh and here are some other pictures from today’s beach adventure, curtesy of my good friends @itsasnaplife , go check her out.


At my wrist, Arvo watch : http://www.arvowear.com/watches/

And my new favorite to go bag, you can find it here: http://www.lilyandlorelei.com






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