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Aloha everyone,

You know how when the new years comes you make all of those good and amazing resolution and then end up breaking most all of them in less than a month? I had one job this year, one, keep track of my life for me, but also for my many many friends all over the world, on this blog. As I said, I had one job. Truth is I have another job too, and as much as I like to consider myself able to perfectly manage my social media and my social life at the same time in the same perfect way… well bullshit. No one can. It is physically and mentally impossible; I will correct myself right now. It is possible, but I need sleep, and food and sleep. And actually I am giving up my afternoon nap right now, so you better read this and leave a comment. Pretty please.


I also have another good reason for staying quiet over here. I have just returned from one amazing week in Hawaii. Well… It’s been more than that but the post vacation depression is starting to fade just about now so I feel like I am able to write something and look at pictures without crying my heart out.

So yeah Hawaii.. cool eh? I know a lot of people have been to tons of beautiful places, but for me this vacation has been such a a big accomplishment *Taps her own shoulder* without counting the first time in a tropical place, the first time over the Pacific Ocean and the first time to actually take some time and relax. Like really relax. Like laying on the beach without a worry in the whole world, but to make sure to put sunscreen on and turn every 10 minutes to avoid turning into a giant tomato. On a second thought this vacation life is pretty stressful.

I spent 8 days in the beautiful paradise located right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, that we all call Hawaii. I spent four days in Maui and four days in Oahu. Without being too critical and cynical, no one likes that, I will just say that I enjoyed Maui more than Oahu. It felt more authentic to the image that I had in my head of Hawaii, if that makes any sense to you, less people tourists and more opportunities to enjoy the quietness and peacefulness of the nature.

I think I will only talk about my first 4 days in Maui here I will write about Oahu later.


Saturday, Feb 13.

So we got in at the airport around noon and we got our Convertible rental car and we got on the road to start exploring that Paradise. Oh we were so excited. 10 minutes on the road and everything changed. We were on Route 340 aka Kahekili Highway aka Highway of death. The worst street I have ever drive and will always drive, I thought… A one lane street most of the time with zero visibility because of the many many turns and mountains. One of those experience you’re just ready to be done with but you’ll know you’ll be laughing about some time later. Still not laughing, though.


Of course after that hell of a drive I needed some time at the beach, so we stopped in such a quiet and gorgeous area close to all of the resorts; we put our swimsuits on and jumped right into the crystal clear blue waters. And the sunset! Oh our first Hawaiian sunset.

Sunday, Feb 14.

We beach hopped from one gorgeous beach to the other. Our first stop of the day was Baldwin Beach Park, in Paia. And then in the afternoon we drove to the other side of the island to Big Beach.



Monday, Feb 15.

Monday was for sure my favorite day of them all; we woke up early, had our pancake breakfast and started the famous “Road to Hana”. Beautiful stops along the way, which included the Twin Falls, Black Sand Beach, Waianapanapa State Park, Saven Sacred Pools and Red Sand Beach, which we did not had the time to visit. Plus a beautiful drive on the mountains with stops here and there to admire the nature. Most of the people decide to come back after Hana, terrified by a 7 miles long road which is described in the worst way and unadvised by all of the travel websites and people. But we are courageous and for some reason we decided to give it a try, thinking that it would be shorter to go through 7 miles of bad road rather than 50 miles of mountain road. WORST IDEA EVER. It was very stressfull driving for those 7 miles, and I DO NOT advise you to do it. Truth is it is shorter than going back, according to where you might be staying, of course. But it is not worth it. But WE DID IT and I was so proud of myself for doing it and not going completely crazy when we get to a point of normal road and all of the cars were stopped. Why? Why you ask? Because there was a huge fire on the road right in front of us. So yeah, by now you might have guessed we had to do the 7 miles + 50 miles on the mountain again. In the dark. I was traumatized and it is still a very sensitive subject for me.


Tuesday, Feb 16 and Wednesday Feb 17.

After the nightmare of the Road to Hana, I deserved some relax and beach time. Which is what we did on our last days on the island + a snorkeling trip. I think some people are just born to stay in the water and enjoy water sports.. I AM NOT. I am good a pro at tanning. Dealing with fish, and corals and rocks and bumps and bruises and sharks.. I leave it to you.


That’s it for now,



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