Snapchat • 

Aloha everyone,

It’s Wednesday, I’m laying on the beach and catching up on some Snapchat stories. We all know what Snapchat is, right? Well I love it, I am obsessed with it. Raise your hands if it’s the same for you ✋ . not only I get to share stupid moments of my day that I would never dare to share on Instagram or on Facebook… But above all it allows you to stalk everyone you want: from that celebrity whose life is ‘goals’, to your closest friends, from your ex to your new crush. You can basically see how they’re day is going or what they’ve been up to without the need to actually call them, text them or talk to them. Social, eh?  I have been skeptical about it for such a long time, but truth to be told it’s such a fun app.

What are your thoughts about it? 

If you want you can find me on snapchat as @giulia294

I would love to discover new people • what are some of your favorite people on Snapchat? 



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