Eating in Santa Barbara, CA

“We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink.” – Epicurus

Hello friends

It’s Friday, happy weekend, it’s sunny outside, one of those days where you should definitely put on your cutest dress and go out and about around the city. But you won’t see me out and about just because I wouldn’t want all of you to fall in love with me. Today I am particularly attractive due to the swallowed cheek given by the removal of my wisdom tooth, yey for ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In these hard times when I seem to be craving all of the foods I can’t eat, a burger or a mexican burrito as big as my face on top of everything, I like to scroll down my Instagram feed and drool over all of my #foodporn shots. Raise your hands if your a weirdo like that as well. So I just thought it would be a great idea to make a food post of all of my favorite spots in Santa Barbara.

So grab a tissue, and start putting your shoes on. You’ll be hungry at the end of it.

Breakfast and Brunch

So let’s start with the most important and social meal of the day. Oh my favorite, yours too, right?

One of my favorite spots was Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistrot, where you could enjoy a typical and traditional French and Italian breakfast. Cappuccinos, Croissants and Macarons.

And then on the other side you can have full, fat and delicious american breakfast with pancakes, french toasts, breakfast burritos, eggs and bacon, lots of bacon. Bacon. You can enjoy those kind of breakfast at Sandbar, Cajun Kitchen and the cute Jeannine’s Bakery. Bacon. But well some days you just want to get rid of all of the sugar and you want to start the day with the right foot (to then end it up with In-n-Out Burger, right Vanessa?) and then there is the amazing Backyard Bowls, delicious Brazilian açai bowls made out of a smoothies, granola and delicious fresh cut fruit. They should add Bacon to it, but whatever, they’re delicious anyways.  If anyone is interested in opening one in Italy, I’m in.


Lunch and Dinner

Oh so many choices for lunch and dinner, oh so many. I guess that’s what I miss the most about the US, all of the choice of food you have. You want a burger, bang. Turn the corner and have a burger. You want a burrito, great. You want Chinese, Thai, Sushi, Indian buffet? There you go, walk a couple of blocks and you can have whatever you want.

I seem to have a clear preference for burger and fries. And Bacon. You can enjoy delicious burgers almost everywhere, it is still America are we talking about. Padaro Beach Grill is where I probably ate my favorite burger, close to the beach and perfect for a family outing. Talking about the beach, we have the Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach, cute place right on the beach where you can enjoy cocktails and salads and sandwiches while watching the sunset. If you want to eat Italian I suggest Pascucci Cafè, on State St. The lasagna is definitely worth, just make sure not to fill on garlic bread beforehand. A lovely last minute discover was The Lucky Penny situated in the Funk Zone, perfect for a lunch break between wine or beer tasting. But there’s always that day where you want to just eat healthy, e.g. before leaving for Hawaii, and then Silvegreens is where you want to eat. Delicious and healthy meals that will not make you feel guilty, not even the burger.



And for those who just want to satisfy their sweet tooth there is plenty of choice as well. On top of the list is frozen yoghurt, Yoghurtland on State St. is probably the most famous one. Delicious low fat froyo which you can top however you want, with candy or fruit. One of the best desserts I had was the tiramisù at Pascucci Cafè, accompanied by an espresso and cappuccino is the closets you can get to Italy. Last but not least, probably the most important is McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream Santa Barbara since 1949. It’s an institution, only in Santa Barbara and the line can arrive, actually always arrives, on the street. Fresh home made ice cream in the most creative and delicious flavors. You must. They have not made a bacon ice cream just yet, but I’m sure it’s in the works.


Oh well, there you go, just SOME of the places where I had the pleasure to eat. You can find more on Instagram, by following @sbmenus and @seesb. Now I’m hungry, I still want a burger and fries, and sushi, and Indian buffet but a coconut yoghurt will have to do it. *sobbing desperately*

Have a beautiful and delicious weekend




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