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London Coffeeshops Story


it’s almost lunch time in Italy so I thought would be a good idea to (finally) write my food visual story about London, where I was for about a week at the beginning of June. A week made of delicious burgers, nice coffe shops and I even threw in some american fast foods which I was craving so badly.

Gail’s Queens Park.

So the first place where I put foot as soon as I got in London was the Gail’s based in Queens Park, later on I would discover that it’s actually a chain and you can find a lot of them around the city. Great coffee and fresh baked pastries and bread, what else could you ask for? It was my go-to every morning and afternoon.


Covent Garden Grind.

It was a cold and rainy afternoon in London and I was looking for a place to hide in for some time to finish my book and relax before heading to the National Gallery, and there it was, the Grind. Oh what a lovely place. Marble tables by the window to people watch, great coffee and an extraordinary avocado toast. I’ve also heard that the bowls are very good too, but unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to try it.

Schermata 2016-07-07 alle 11.50.01


The Quince Tree at the Clifton Nursery

Eating in a greenhouse, checked. Oh what a lovely place, found in the most random way since we were supposed to go somewhere else, but ended up there. The atmosphere is out of the common, I could spend there hours just reading and working on my computer. Regarding the food I could say that my friends really enjoyed it, me? not so much. I don’t like eggs nor salty brunch, I always prefer something sweet for breakfast and I did’t have anything of such things on their short menù.



I had been walking in the cold for about 2 hours between Notting Hill and Portobello and I was at my 3rd coffee of the day, 2 of which at Starbucks, and I was looking for a cute and cozy place to spend some time in. And there it was, Fabrique. I ordered a coffee, which was really not that good. Hot coffee in a glass? a Big NO. That’s something they should improve, these days having a cute interior and delicious pastries is not enough, in my opinion. I was not sure what to order so I asked some customers and they both told me “Take the Cardamom bun, it’s delicious” and so it was. It was definetily different but I could have eaten 3 of those all together.

Schermata 2016-07-07 alle 12.05.34

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