2016 Travels

Birthday weekend, part 1

Dear readers,

I’m making this blog post so you can wish me happy birthday, well a belated happy birthday, but it’s still very well appreciated 🙂

On October 29, 1994 at 4.00 am a little sweet girl was born. Supposedly, around the world. I’m not talking about myself of course, but she’s lucky ’cause she gets to share her birthday with me. But honestly, do you also know a bunch of people born on your same day, or is it just me? or is it just the 29th of October. Over the years I’d say I met around 10 to 15 born on my same day. 70% of the people reading this is born on the 29th of October, so say statistics and scientists.

Anyways my birthday weekend, which started on Friday, was pretty cool. I got to wear my newest addition to my watch collection generously gifted by CLUSE watches . And I had the chance to hang out with the sweet Alexa, which I’ve been following on Instagram and Snapchat for quite some time. We met at Piazza San Pietro and then wandered around ’till we got to a cute bar with the cutest little marble table; we ended our afternoon at the Vittoriano close to sunset, which I believe is one of the most beautiful places to be at during sunset (spoiler alert for the next blog post)

Before I share some picture of the day make sure to check Alexa out on her Instagram ( @ajfernando) to see other great pictures of her time in Rome, Venice and Florence and on her Facebook Page (  AJ Fernando Photography )


It’s all for now,

see you reaaaaal soon with more photos from the rest of the weekened.







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