Hey there,

I am Giulia, I am Twenty – one and I have a huge desire and dream to travel the whole world.

I have lived in 3 countries and I have traveled in enough countries and I met more than enough people to realize that traveling makes me happy and that’s what I want to do of my life.

This is just a little space for myself, for you and for everyone out there who shares the same passion.

Enjoy your stay here ♥

14 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi, and I’m sorry for the late response! I was with the 14-17 group because I wasn’t ready and mature enough to go there alone, so I chose to be in a group with other people! You should ask in an EF Office All the differences between the 2, I’m not really aware of those, I just know that you would go there by yourself and you have to pay for the plane :/

  1. Dall’Iphone non ci avevo fatto caso.. ma entrando dal pc mi sono resa conto che l’hai migliorato tantissimo! bellobellobello. THIS IS THE WINNER BLOG!

    1. Grazie piccola, davvero! L’importante è che abbia trasmesso le mie emozioni e la felicità che ho provato mentre ero a Brighton! già quando mi vengono a dire che grazie al mio blog hanno hanno deciso di andare in vacanza studio, oppure leggendo il mio blog sono tornati alla memoria ricordi stupendi di quest’estate, per me è già una piccola vittoria! Non potrei chiedere di meglio :’)

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